Note from the CEO


Our goal is to redefine the meaning of “best practices” in the real estate industry.  This means constantly pushing for more transparency, lower fees and a better alignment of our interests with those of our investors.  The ARC Daily NAV fund is a great example of our commitment to these important principles. In ARC Daily NAV, we combine the same management team and investment strategy that have delivered sustainable distributions to investors for over three years through ARCT, with the opportunity for investors to see daily the fair value of their holdings and to redeem their shares (up to 20% of our NAV per year) for cash within three days of placing their order.

We continue to see what we believe are attractive buying opportunities in the real estate market today—just as we did when we first launched ARCT in 2008. We believe we have a competitive advantage in our ability to harness these opportunities by leveraging our relationships in the marketplace to source off-market deals and buy properties directly from corporate tenants, developers, and institutional as well as private owners.  Our objective is to acquire properties quickly and cost efficiently by utilizing ARC’s large, integrated team of real estate professionals to underwrite, acquire, finance, manage, and eventually liquidate these properties. We believe our extensive network allows us to buy properties from all over the country and with a wide range of tenant and industry profiles, thus diversifying geographically while at the same time controlling credit risk, and obtaining the most favorable debt terms available. The result is a better portfolio and a more rewarding investing experience for you.

William M. Kahane

Chief Executive Officer